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Sony Aqua M4 issues

Why when my sony aqua m4 has failed and been returned 4 times in 3 months has virgin not replaced it or changed the model entirely. Every time I phone im told this will be the last repair any more and the handset will be replaced and every time its returned . I received it back last Tuesday by sunday the side button was non responsive and the speakers had failed for the third time not to mention the time before when the camera lense had to be replaced as it was malfunctioning . Why wont anyone help, I get the same script from the other side of the globe every time . From 8am till 6pm Monday I must of made 20 calls to overseas CS and the Liverpool shop, 3 promises of a call back all never happened. I have begged to be put through to Swansea tech support who had such empathy and understanding and most importantly knowledge of my product. Please someone help me get this matter resolved and please please don't give me the 14 day speech .    


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