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SmartCall Discontinuation

Disappointed to read that SmartCall is to be discontinued as this has been a useful add on when calling from abroad. I'm guessing that it has something to do with European regulators getting tough with mobile operators roaming charges.

That might justify cancellation to Virgin but not to me.  Are we going to see a reduction in monthly contract cost to cover extra phone charges we're going to be paying ??? Virgin website offers no alternative service or help.

My monthly package has increased by 7.1% since same period last year (over a period when government inflation figures show at between 0.3% and 1.3%) and I'm getting less for my money. TIVO box is frankly total c**p and now I'm going to pay for holiday calls on top.

My view is that loyal existing customers are being used to subsidise attractive offers for new customers. I ask whether, in terms of business ethics, that is really fair ?.






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Re: SmartCall Discontinuation

You are right, this is just a stealth price increase. Those who keep going on about 'alternative services' still have to name something that allows us to use our VM Inclusive minutes when away from home...

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