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Porting number


We are moving all of our phone/broadband services to BT and gave virgin notice of this at the start of August. The change should have happened on the 1st of September and although everything seems to be working fine through the BT line. Virgin keep telling me that BT haven't ported our number correctly and our phone service is still active, therefore our account is still open and we are being billed!

We have spoken to BT who have advised that they have done everything correctly and that there are no issues at their end.

But then speaking to virgin again, they say we need to speak to BT again, as they haven't notified virgin.

Not really sure what to do next as I seem to be going round in circles here??
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Re: Porting number

Hi Andrew1986_0

Thanks for getting in touch with us regarding the number port.

I know at the time of the issues you had this was due to some system errors we had with our services and my apologies about that.

I can see that you have spoken to the teams a few times since you posted and they are working to resolve your newest requests to us.

Keep us posted on how this goes Smiley Happy

Take care.

Forum Team

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