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Phone working and then not

I have ran a test which says nothing is wrong, but since March we have had people say I tried ringing you and no reply, dead line. But we were in. I have noticed that when ever we have to login to the HMRC site it suppost to ring the house phone with a code to let you go past into our TAX returns etc. But we have to guess and try and answer the phone when its not ringing, and we then get the voice with the code. We have Complained to ceo team about things and received emails saying they are going to get someone to ring us but no one has rang us. and our first email from them was 12th September 2016, I have replied to it to say no one has rung and not heard anything since. I have tried from my Hotmail account and gmail account.

I am paying for a service that isn't working correctly

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Re: Phone working and then not

Thanks for posting ycwkpp898!


Really sorry to hear about the bother you've been experiencing with your landline.


I've located you account and I am unable to detect any known faults there at present.


It would be advisable to disconnect and re-connect the handset to see if this works. It may also be worth trying a different handset, if possible.


I've sent you a private message so that we can chat about this some more.


Speak soon,



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