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Phone problem

Noticed my phone wasn't working the other day, so called Virgin on mobile. The nice man said the they would visit me Friday and gave me the choice of 8 till 12 or 12 to 4 so I chose the latter.

Got a text Thursday telling me of the visit, and another Friday morning and another just before noon to remind me, and asking if I didn't need the visit text back "No"

So......about 3.30 I picked up my the new phone I purchased on Sunday to make sure it wasn't my phone that was faulty to see if it might have healed by itself and it had.

It would have been nice if Virgin could have given me a text, like the previous 3, to tell me they had fixed the problem.

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Re: Phone problem

Hi Bruv


I'm massively sorry to learn about this, we've got a system in place to let you know when issues have been resolved in situations like this so I'd like to take a closer look at where that broke down. I've been able to locate your account and can't see anything out of the ordinary as to the reason, so I've asked one of our teams to take an even closer look.


I understand this isn't a resolution to the experience you've had recently and for that I apologise, thank you for taking the time to let us know about it.


Take care



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