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Phone out of order- Been waiting for a call back for 3 days.........

I have been waiting for a call back since Wed 16Dec to my mobile, since reporting my land line out of order with no dial tone.  Also, my calls (when you dial my number) are going through to someone else! I was advised an engineer was not available till Xmas Eve-8 days- but was unable to book a slot as was promised a call back within 15mins.  Goodness knows how long it will be now. And I'm not happy ringing you on my mobile as it takes too long to get through.  My husband is disabled so I'm unable to go out & leave him now. I have no way to contact him, to check he is safe. Ironically, I did receive your electronic evaluation call the next morning & no one has responded to my message left on that either! A very dissatisfied customer who has only been with you a few months.......

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