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Phone off again mid call

My landline calls cut out mid conversation with an engaged/busy tone incoming & outgoing
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on ‎23-04-2015 12:21

Since last week I have had an issue with my landline calls being cut off/disconnected by an engaged or busy tone (the other person just thinks I have hung up on them). This happens at random times into the call ie 2 minutes, 5 minutes or 12 minutes & occurs with both incoming and outgoing calls.

I have had x2 engineer visits and was told yesterday that the problem lies with the network and that several other Virgin customers in my area have had similar issues. I was told that a Network Engineer was working on the problem and that it would be fixed yesterday. The problem remains as of this morning and I now have a 3rd engineer visit booked for Saturday.

I am finding this very distressing as I work from home and get high blood pressure every time I use the phone as I have no idea when the phone call will cut out. Also my children like to speak to my ex husband on a daily basis and are struggling to understand why their telephone calls keep disconnecting/dropping off.

Can someone please help as I pay over £35 a month for a service that does not work and is causing considerable anxiety.
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Re: Phone off again mid call

Hi Kane74

I'm very sorry for the problems you're experiencing with your telephone service at the moment, it's certainly not something we want for you. 

That being said, I'm glad to hear that another engineer is scheduled to come and take a closer look, as you've had so many recent appointments it's likely that a senior engineer will be attending.

We'd love to hear how things go and will be here should you need any assistance with your service moving forward.

Take care


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