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Phone not working.

I have just spent 1-2 hours trying to sort out a problem with my phone, I checked all connections and also tried a friends phone but no luck.  Next step get in touch with Virgin but how, my phone isn't working. I know try the computer after a load of trudging through reams of information I came across this page a couple of minutes later I discovered there is a problem with my phone.

Great thanks for the information but why on earth couldn't there be a link on the Home Page or did I miss it.

By the way love this page.


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Re: Phone not working.

Hi Susannah, 

Welcome to the forums and we are feeling the love right now, so thanks for that Smiley Wink

I'm really sorry to hear that your phone line is causing you a bit of grief at the moment, 

I've done a quick check on things and can see that we were aware of an issue last night, but this has since been resolved, so I sure hope that all is working for you now, if not please let me know and I'll investigate further for you. 

With regards to the home page, we are working on further integrating the forums further, and in the future we hope that our main page will have a lot more information for you. There is however a red bar just next to the main news story and in there we have placed an option for Help and Support. 

A page to bookmark would be as this will list any local issues that we are aware of. 

Once again, should you still be experiencing an issue, please let me know. 

Take care and apologies once more. 


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