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Phone not worked for 4 months and Virgin not getting the refund issue


Letting off some steam here. I took out virgin line rental saver back in Oct/Nov and paid it, £160 or something. Order of events was;

- The phone then stopped working (outside sabatage to box up the road by other networks or something). Virgin then credited me the full £160 that I had paid to my account

- They then charged me the full rental for the last 4 months whilst the phone still didn't work (Tried using it occasionally but crackle too bad). Technicians said they would credit me these monthly amounts when the phone was fixed.

- Yesterday they finally fixed the phone, was a problem with another box somewhere not internal to the house.

So I think Virgin should credit me the four months line rental (when my phone wasn't working) that I have paid for a broken phone and apply my line rental saver that I paid back in Oct/Nov from yesterday.

Is the above too difficult? Virgin on the phone said I have had credit because it's on my account and I am due no further refund!! argghh, no this is just my annual line rental refunded against my account and has diminished somewhat because they have been charging me full monthly line rental since Nov for a broken phone as well!! So the rather confused lady has asked me to write in to some address in Swansea (ever heard of email?) with a proper letter and postage stamp just because she doesn't understand this chain of events! I just want four months worth of full line rental refunded and my annual line saver applied. Rant over, really sorry but I do feel a little better after writing this.

If anyone can give me some advice then I'd really appreciate it.







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Re: Phone not worked for 4 months and Virgin not getting the refund issue

Hi Matt42,


Thank you for your post on the Community Forum. I'm sorry to hear that you have had such difficulties both with your landline and trying to get the correct credits arranged. I'll be happy to look into this for you, but I'll need to take a few more details from you first.


I'll send you a private message requesting further details. Just check the purple envelope at the top right of this page.



Many thanks,

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