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Phone line not working in HD5, and engineer not turned up!

Is anybody else experiencing phone line issues in HD5?

My line went down on Thursday/Friday, and then came back but is really crackly. Service status says there any no faults, but when I call to report it I cannot bypass the automated system, which ironically acknowledges an issue and offers to book an engineer. I did this on Saturday, and surprise surprise, no engineer turned up yesterday despite me staying in on a lovely sunny day!

Not happy Smiley Sad

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Re: Phone line not working in HD5, and engineer not turned up!

Hi dmartin85,


Thanks for taking the time to post and I'm sorry to hear about what's happened.


I'd certainly like to look into this for you but I'm having difficulty locating your account details at the moment.


I'm just going to send you a private message which you will find if you click on the purple envelope at the top right of the screen.


Talk to you soon

Forum Team

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