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Phone line issue unresolved!

Hi, this is a bit of a complaint if you can pass this on.

We have been without our phone landline now for several weeks since we reported this back on the 21/11/2016.

We've had now 3 appointments (25/11/2016; 26/11/2016 & 16/12/2016) where the latter appointment should have finally resolved this issue….but NO!

I contacted virgin media again via my chat service on Friday 17th December to ascertain after 1pm if the engineer was running late as per the 8am-1pm scheduled slot as my wife hadn't seen anyone or Virgin Media van in or near our front garden or street box. I was told by the online chat customer service that on them checking the system the engineer had completed the work. However, the line is still crackling and buzzing worse than ever!

I contacted the virgin media again on the Saturday 17th December via the phone customer services and was told that we had "Missed the appointment" (This contradicts the chat service customer service member's comment that the was 'no need to be home anyway as the Technician completed the work at the street box') which is entirely untrue as my wife waited in the whole day on the scheduled 16th December from 8am- 1pm then 1pm onwards an No Engineer acknowledged that they had completed the work (albeit external) or notified us by coming to the house (to ask/ test the phone as per quality assurance), texted or phoned the alternative mobile contact.

After I had contacted the Customer service team on the Saturday the 17th December 2 Technicians appeared at our front garden and were looking into our virgin service street Toby. When I asked them what was happening the one wearing a Virgin Media fleece (with the logo) responded by saying "we've just had a phone call to come here and clear you blockage." When I asked if this part of replacing the cable (as booked for the 16th) he replied "probably, they'll be at the back of us"

NOW if this is part of the cable replacement why are two technicians turning up 1 day later to tell us they are ahead of the cable replacing team??? This smacks of contradiction.

I now ask you did the scheduled replacement cable booking for the 16th December as booked go ahead. If so why we are still experiencing the crackling and buzzing? the problem goes unresolved.

NOW I have to wait in for a 4th appointment on Thursday 22nd December from 1pm onward- yet more of my time wasted on your Engineering service not being efficient enough.

Now over and above the line being down for now for the 5th week, I expect some kind of compensation not just on the line rental but for my/ my wife's time being wasted so I expect you to come up with a suitable financial offer to compensate our dissatisfaction and period of phone service being inoperable.

I expect a speedy reply.



Derek Craig

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Forum Team
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Re: Phone line issue unresolved!

Hi Derek,

I'm sorry to hear that there has been a delay in getting your landline fault fixed. I'd like to look into this further but will need to verify your details.

I'll send you a private message requesting further details. Just check the envelope icon at the top right of this page.


Kind regards,


Virgin Media Forum Team


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