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Phone line dead. Phone wire supply connection/junction outside the house looks odd.

Hi all

We returned from holiday to find we have no phone line - it is dead.

I looked at the phone box connections internally and all is fine and connected.

I looked outside at the phone line for the 1st time since having Virgin for a long time now, and noticed the black phone line wire connection is exposed, showing the connections of 2 tiny wires coming from the both street side, being connected to the 2 tiny wires from the house side phone wire - is this normal?

The exposed 'splice/connection' consists of a tiny white street side wire, connected to another tiny white house side wire under a little plastic connecting 'bubble'. And another similar join of a street side blue wire connecting onto an orange wire on the house end.........

I have booked an engineer to come on Friday of this week. I would like to know if this is a normal way to connect a phone cable? And what the charge would be to fix/reconnect it properly? 

Thanks for your help in anticipation.



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Re: Phone line dead. Phone wire supply connection/junction outside the house looks odd.

Hi Brian


Welcome to the Community, I'm very sorry to learn about the problems you're experiencing with your phone line recently.


We wouldn;'t expect any external cables to be exposed, so you've done the right thing by arranging for an engineer to come and take a closer look. There won't be a charge for the appointment if the issue is external to your home, the only time there's ever a charge is if the engineer classes the appointment as wasted, if for example your equipment is what's causing the problem, which happens rarelyMan Happy


We'd love to hear how it goes on Friday and will be here if you need any assistance moving forward.


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