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Phone and cost of service in general

This isn't so much a question, rather a statement of my current situation as a Virgin Media customer, my issues with the service and why I intend to switch providers.

TIVO - Is an excellent box and service when not hampered by slow internet.

Broadband  - This is ok, again depending on how many of the local customers are all using the pipe at the same time. No one ever gets the advertised speed, so I wish the promotion would be more truthful. It just doesn't sound as good, I guess.

Phone - I never use the landline and only have it as a requirement for most legal and service provision entities to verify my address. This has to be the worst phone service I've ever had. I pay £17.99 a month just to have and not use it, but it goes down more often than not. I have just received my bill and have been charged £19 for calls I haven't made. Mostly because I literally couldn't have because the line is dead.

The overall cost of service - It is simply too expensive for what I get and use it for. My last bill was £92 (including £20 Sky movies & £19 worth of calls I didn't make - on top of my £62 package. Now it has been announced in the press that prices are about to go up again, much as they have been doing quite steadily over the past few years.

This is simply unsustainable. If only I could find the link with instructions to leave... are yes, it doesn't exist. Phone it is then. Not my Virgin phone of course - which would be free.

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Re: Phone and cost of service in general

Hi jaksmartin,


Welcome to the Community and thanks for your post.


I'm sorry that you feel this way regarding our service.


I am unable to detect any issues with the line state at present.


If you wish to discuss your package further, it would be advisable for you to call our team on 150 free from any Virgin landline or 0345 454 1111 on any other line.  
Alternatively, you can chat to our online team via: [Contact us].


Many thanks,






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