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Phone Socket


This is probably a really dumb question, sorry.

I have just signed up with Virgin and it says my phone service is running properly.

I have found my number in my bill.

I have two sockets in the house (I am told the previous owner used Virgin) a BT one and an NTLWorld one.

I believe NTL were taken over by Virgin , so I assume this is the one I want, however, when I plug it in there is no ring tone and as a result I can't make or receive calls.

Assuming the phone works, am I doing something stupid - or should I contact Virgin and say there is a fault (when I use the automated phone service, it wants to send out an engineer, but I am thinking this may not be necessary).


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Re: Phone Socket

Hello RichardWHolt,


Thanks for posting in the community.


I have tested the line and it's showing active but since you have tested both sockets I'm going to need to send one of our technicians out to take a look at this for you.


I'm just going to send you a private message with appointment times which you will find if you click on the purple envelope at the top right of the screen.


Speak to you soon Smiley Happy

Forum Team

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