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No phone service for 7 weeks, since moving from BT

I have just transferred over from BT, but my line does not work because the fibre underneath the street is damaged.  However, I must still pay rental and diversion fees.  

I've been told my rental fee will be refunded only when and if the line is working (estimated fix time unknown). Has anyone here experienced this does Virgin refund your rental?   Has anyone tried to move away while still a new customer? If so what was the experience?  

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Re: No phone service for 7 weeks, since moving from BT

Problems that require construction work are a big headache, as VM have to wait for the local authority to issue a permit for the work. While there is a "fast track" system for Electric, Gas & Water works, the same is not true of telecoms related permits.

It is normal practice to refund charges as & when the service is restored.

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