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No landline for 11 days

Have been without a landline for 11 days.

Complaint has been elevated to the CEO's office.

Have called every day asking for updates but have yet to receive a single email or text telling me what has happened.

Was promised on Friday that I'd receive a call or email by 4pm - nothing.

Was called this morning but was in a meeting so unable to take the call - no message left, no text, no email. I ring the number back hoping that t's the engineer but am diverted to the regular help desk who advise me that an engineer is due today and that I should call back.

No engineer, no text, no email and it's now 5 hours later. I try to ring again but only receive a recorded message telling me that I've already called today so I can't be put through to anyone and I'm cut off.

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Re: No landline for 11 days

Hi there amjgraham, 

I'm really sorry to learn of all the issues you've had with your phone line, I'd also like to welcome you to the forums,/ 

I've taken a look into your account, and can see that initially you were part of an issue that was affecting your whole area when there was a break in one of the main cables feeding your area. This did take longer than anticipated to get resolved. From reading through your notes, I can see that now has been restored, however you're now having issues with the phone line being connected up incorrectly. 

I can see that a member of the CEO office has been in touch and that there is currently an appointment booked in for a technician to call out. I'll send you a private message with details of this. Please look to the top right of this page where you'll see a purple envelope icon, click on this and you'll see my message.

many thanks and apologies once again. 


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