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No dial tone


I recently signed up for Virgin phone in the house I have moved into but the line is completely dead - no dial tone. I have tried three handsets and I know they were working at my previous address. These are plugged directly into the Virgin Media branded NTE socket next to the coaxial broadband/TV outlet.

I also have an Openreach NTE but tracing the wire leads me to think that the cable supplying that comes from the Virgin Media one.

I have no idea what the phone number is either; if I had a dial tone then I would try phoning my mobile or I could try phoning that number to see whether it rings.



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Forum Team
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Re: No dial tone

Hi Gary


I'm really sorry for the problems you're experiencing with your telephone service recently, I've been able to locate your account to run some tests on the line from our end for you. 


We're not seeing any problems but as you've already tested your handset and ensured you're plugged into the correct socket, I'd like to arrange for an engineer to come and take a closer look.


I've sent you information regarding this in a private message, which you can view by clicking the envelope on the top right of this page. 


We'll talk soon


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