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No dial tone, not possible to call my number from the outside.

I began a new contract with Virgin early last year, it was one of those Telephone and Internet packages.

I didn't really want the phone line but as you know, it had to be purchased as part of the package. The line rental by itself was around £19.99 I believe. I plugged a phone into the socket after a few weeks to be met with no dial tone. When anybody called the number from the outside, it would ring once and go dead. I called Virgin and told them about this, they said they would arrange for an engineer to come round. As time went on, I admit I kinda forgot about the line. A few months after that, I rang about my bill and told them that they had still not sent anybody.

In any case they said it did not matter as they were disconnecting my services due to arrears I'd accrued. Hmmm.

So, I call in a week or so after that I call back in to pay my arrears off, and they lumbered me with a new contract. Fair do's.

The phone line still did not work. I arranged for an engineer to come round on Saturday. He pressed my buzzer, waited all of 20 seconds and then absconded.

Now, I'm not sure what the problem is, but I do have a problem with the fact that I've been charged line rental for nearly a year when the line does not work.  Even the staff in the Virgin shop said I shouldn't be paying for a service that I cannot use.

No disrespect intended, I don't like ringing your Indian call centres because everything is lost in translation and they don't always have a clue what I'm on about (and before anybody gets PC with me, I'm half Pakistani, so don't even go there).

I want my phone line fixed. It's been nearly a year. I want re-crediting also for the money you have happily taken from me for a service you are not willing to provide to me. If I'm paying for line rental, then I expect the line to work. This isn't a harsh demand on my part, it's common sense. I don't go into Tescos to buy Apples, pay for them and then have the Apples taken back at the till now, do I?

And to rub it in? You are now advertising an offer on the High Street for Internet, "No line Rental Required". Wow, they really saw me coming.

I'm sure this lays it out as plain as can be, and I'd like somebody from Virgin to investigate this, get my phoneline up and running and suitably recompense me not only for the line rental I've paid but for all the shenanigans in trying to get this fixed. You'll happily take my money and send your funny letters when I'm a bit late, but when I want something from you, well it just isn't happening.


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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: No dial tone, not possible to call my number from the outside.

Hello brownboy,


Welcome to the community and I'm sorry to hear you're without a telephone service at the moment. 


I would like to arrange for a technician to visit your property to get this fixed so if you click on the purple envelope at the top right of the screen you will see another message from me with further information.


Also regarding your bill I'll just need to confirm a couple of things with you which will be in the private message I have sent you.


Speak to you soon

Forum Team

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