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No dial tone, hand sets working

I've been with virgin for quite some time now and my phone line doesn't seem to be working I've no dialling tone? I've tried all the sockets in the house and 2 different phones that I know do work else where. I can't afford to call on my mobile and wait to speak to someone for half hour and I can't call from my virgin phone because it's not working?! Any ideas suggestions please? A little stuck. Thanks
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Re: No dial tone, hand sets working

Sign it to My virgin media and check your service status, if no fault is shown in your area for phone, click on the phone icon to run a test, if a fault is discovered, an engineers visit will be arranged for you on-line

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Re: No dial tone, hand sets working

Hi there Scully1254, 

Firstly I'd like to welcome you to the forums and say that I'm really sorry to hear that your phone line is not working at the moment, I'd really like to help you out. 


I've done some testing on the line, and can see no reason why you should be experiencing this fault at the moment.  There are no local issues, and the line does not highlight any areas of concern. Thank you for letting me know that you've already tried another phone on the line as this eliminates the phone from being at fault. I'd now like to look toward booking a technician to call out and investigate further. 


I've sent you a private message in order to set the wheels in motion, please look to the top right of this page where you'll see a purple envelope icon, click on this and you'll see my message. 


Many thanks and apologies once again. 



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