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No Service after Number Porting

I am writing to angrily complain about an issue that I have raised.

My issue relates to ongoing issues raised to 7+ representatives (and apparently 1 manager), since 31st and it is still not addressed.

Representatives names from dialling 0345600789 include:

Jessica, Janice, Janine... and apparently I realised I've spoken to a manager whose name they refuse to disclose unless I get a callback. But actually what does it matter cos no one can follow up.

I have sent in my PAC code to port my number over and now the number is out of service, rendering the phone unusable and no one can call me.


1) The Virgin SIM card was working before the porting of the number.

2) The phone is out of service in every location I have been since the 31st, despite promises that it will be in service from the 2nd.

3) Upon ringing my old number I get a dead tone.
4) 3 customers representatives made me go through the exact same troubleshooting process without suggest.

5) 2 representatives cut the call and not made any attempt to contact me back despite they have the number of another phone that I was calling from.

6) 2 representatives rudely insisting there are nothing wrong with their service was treating me like I didn't understand. (I have 9 years of telecommunications, cellular and broadband background).

7) After inserting the card to another phone it is still out of service.

8) I didn't not receive any callback as they've promised everyday and it has only been me that has chased up as a result of not receiving the call back.

9) Repeatedly provided my details despite given then already on the same code.

10) Notes on the conversations are not recorded on their system as I get asked the same questions over and over.

I am absolutely appalled by how I've been treated as a new customer and hearing whilst waiting on the phone that I am getting "best customer services" makes me angry not to mention the fact that Virgin advertising that switching to them "is as easy as 1, 2 and 3"???

If porting a number is going to take longer then tell me, if there is a fault in the system then be humble and just tell me and I would have been more accepting. Do not lie to me or fob me off thinking I was born yesterday. This is absolutely disgraceful, incompetent and totally unprofessional!

I am at a lost not knowing what to do!
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: No Service after Number Porting

Hi penguinali

Welcome to the community.

I'm really sorry to hear about the issues you've experienced with your number port.

We usually aim to complete these within 24 hours once the number has started to be transferred.

It does sound like in this case there has been an issue with this completing as normal though so I'm really sorry about that.

It's quite a few days since you posted your message on here - have you made some progress with this?

Many thanks

Mark Y
Forum Team

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