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No Phone But Billed For Calls

Hi Guys, 

I've just received my bill and I have been charged £0.99 plus VAT for three calls on my phone line. I do not have a landline phone - I have unlimited calls on my mobile so do not need one. (I haven't had one for at least 10 years.) This is the second time I have been charged for calls I have not made. The first time one of the Forum Team credited the cost of this call to my account which I appreciate. That was just after the VM service was installed so I put it down to teething trouble with the new connection. I am surprised to see I have again been charged for calls I could not possibly have made. When one of your engineers called to fix my TIVO box he said the installers may have connected my phone line to the wrong port and I should keep an eye on my bill. The calls are listed as being below £0.50 so the numbers dialled are not shown. The last time this happened the call I am supposed to have made was to a number in Macclesfield. I would be very grateful if someone from the Forum Team could look into this for me - it's going to become very annoying if I have to keep coming on here every couple of months to ask for a refund for calls I haven't made. 

Best regards,


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Re: No Phone But Billed For Calls

Hi Pete,


Thanks for your post on the Community Forum. I'm sorry that this incorrect telephone billing keeps happening.


I'll look into this for you as there could be several different reasons it's happening. I'll need to get this investigated so that we can stop it from happening again.


I just need to take a few more details from you, so I'll send you a private message (just check the purple envelope at the top of the screen).


Kind regards,




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