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Need to cancel an engineer appointment - but can't see where to do this!

Geez Virgin, you don't half frustrate matters for yourselves and your customers. I am trying to cancel an engineer appointment for this Saturday since our phone line is now working. I cannot reply to the appointment confirmation email as that is a no-reply email address.

You have an article saying that there is a 'my appointments' tab on my account page, but there isn't, I've looked everywhere and there isn't one!! I suspect you don't provide this for your UK customers account pages.

There appears to be no email address to email anyone to cancel.

I've tried calling your support line but after endless corridors of menus there is no option to get through to anyone about this!

So how am I supposed to cancel this damn appointment? Don't blame me if your engineer gets peed off from a wasted visit.

Please can someone help me cancel this appointment before Saturday?

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Re: Need to cancel an engineer appointment - but can't see where to do this!

Hey aaronnt1


Welcome to the Community, sorry you've had so much trouble in contacting us, I'll be able to sort this for you Man Happy


To do so, I just need to confirm some information with you. If you're able to respond to the private message I've sent with the requested information, that would be great. You can view that message by clicking the purple envelope on the top right of this page


There's some good information about doing this online [here] if you want to take another stab at it, no problem if you'd rather I do it though!


We'll speak soon


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