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Need Virgin to pay me back please

HI, my home line wasn't working last month. I checked it online, was told it was fine. I thought it was my telephone. Bought another one but still not working. Telephoned Virgin and spoke to a human who told me the line was down all along! This has cost me money...
* Petrol money - I had to go and buy a telephone, then return it again as Virgins online line checker was wrong.
* Credit - on my line cost for the time I had no connection.
* £28! - I have been charged £28 from my mobile provider, Vodafone, to telephone Virgin to sort this mess out.
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Re: Need Virgin to pay me back please

When the fault is fixed you will be able to claim refund of your line rental from the time you reported the fault to the time it was fixed. Consequential losses are excluded in VM's terms & conditions, as indeed they are on residential contracts from any Telco provider.


They do not guarantee a fault free service.


The line test checks exchange equipment, but a problem with your drop line will rarely show up with the test.


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