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My Phone Line hasn't been transferred over? Plus been charged for a test?

I ordered Virgin Media the Kahuna package, broadband, phone & TV in December 19th 2015. With this i provided all details including the BT phone line number i wished to transfer over.

I have had my installation of all products installed on Friday 22nd Jan 2016. To my surprise the engineer provided us with a new number, when challenged he advised to phone the customer service line.

The customer service line was ok but when i explained the issue they could only tell me it will take up to 7-10 working days? I phoned BT and to my surprise they have received NO communication from Virgin media to swap my line and because of this i will get an unwanted bill from BT.... Phoned Virgin Media again to explain and the agent said she has did a request to change over however they couldn't provide any evidence of her action of this and only needed to take her word for it... Not exactly great for a big company...

That's not the end of it!! i've been charged 30p for the engineer to test the line from his mobile... I know its only 30p but why am i being charged for a test the engineer done!? It's a total mess from a Phone line prospective as my package is not even right... Pretty sure I've agreed to be on L package but i'm M?

What is the right process to transfer over? Why wasn't it done in between 19th Dec till live date 22nd Jan? 

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Re: My Phone Line hasn't been transferred over? Plus been charged for a test?

Hi chiddyj,


Welcome to the Community Forum and thanks for your post. It's great to see new faces here. I'm sorry to hear that your number port wasn't processed on your original order. Apologies, as well, for the delay in getting back to you.


I have been able to access your account via your Forum details and can see that the number port has now been arranged for you, as well as the credit for the engineer's mobile call.


Please let me know how you get on with this.



Kind regards,




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