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Moving House - Old number was not transfered.

I moved house in December and took all my Virgin services with me. However I was given a new number rather than my existing one I called before Christmas and was told this would be changed in 14 days just called now to check the progress and was told my old number had been assigned to another account even thought I took all my services with me and I only moved about a quarter of a mile. Is this normally how it works as when I called to move I was told I could keep the number.

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Re: Moving House - Old number was not transfered.

Hi mumford,


Thank you for your post on the Community Forum. I'm sorry to hear that you were unable to keep the same telephone number when you moved to a new property.


When a customer moves home and requests for the services to be transferred to a new property, unless a number port (keeping the same phone number) is requested at that time, the customer will be assigned a new number upon installation at the new place. This needs to be requested at the time we are notified of the house move so that the number does not go back into the main pool to be used again by a different customer. There was no number port order processed with your house move request. 


I can see that after your installation at your new property, a number port was requested and we attempted to get this changed, but as the number had already been taken by a new customer, we were unable to do so and cannot get this number back for you now.


I can certainly understand how frustrating this is as you say that you requested the number port in the first instance. Apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you. 






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