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Mis-advised re: 0844 calls and operator behaviours


I'm quite disappointed, having somehow been a customer for the last 12 years. A couple years ago I added multi talk 1000 and was at the time told it included all 08 numbers except 0871. Now when I have used it in the last few days to call 0844 to make quite a lot of calls, I have found that I am charged about £15.

So I can understand being mis-sold something, it happens. Today though when I called up to discuss this my complaint was completely disregarded and the operator was like "ok the most I can do is feedback to the person who you dealt with before" in a dismissive manner and the rest of the call continued in this manner.

Not impressed, at all. Unfortunately I'm in contract for another 4-5 months though.


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Re: Mis-advised re: 0844 calls & operator behaviours

Its perfectly possible the rules on 08 numbers have changed since you spoke to the operator.. Because the area of 08xx numbers is a minefield, OFCOM have a checker

for future reference.

Obviously it would have been better if this was looked into properly and explained to you on the phone, but if you were on 150 to first line support not much chance of that. They receive very little training and work off a script.

Im not trying to excuse the way your complaint was handled (lets face it, VM's customer service can be atrocious as soon as you stray off the "switch it off, switch it on" territory) , just explaining it.

On a side note, the rules on charging seem to change once a fortnight so its always worth checking BEFORE dialing.




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Re: Mis-advised re: 0844 calls & operator behaviours

I believe there are laws now banning the use of 0844 and 0845 numbers for most customer service and complaints calls. As I understand it, the premium numbers are still allowed for advertising and new business calls. If you need to call a company which you have a contract with, they should provide an alternative 01, 02 or 03 number.  Often, an 0845 numbr will be mirrored or replaced with an equivalent 0345 number.

In short, you might have a claim against the company you have been calling, rather than against VM.