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Landline not working

Our landline has been off for about a week now, there is no sound at all when I pick it up, it won't let me dial out and it is not allowing any incoming calls either.


I know the first thing I will be asked is "have you tried a different phone" and the answer is no, I don't have another phone to try and would have to go out and buy one which may end up not working and therefore be a waste of money.


I have read a few threads on here and it seems that a heck of a lot of people are having the same sort of problems so can it really all be down to peoples phones, seems strange that so many phones all pack up at the same time and yet VM always seem to say it is at the customers end when the one common denominator in these faults is VM, lots of people with lots of different phones which were all working perfectly well and then lots of people all having similar problems with phones that were previously fine?


Not a big deal as we only have the landline with VM because it was cheaper to have the phone and broadband than it was to have just broadband otherwise we would have changed phone providers a while ago and if it isn't working then VM aren't getting any money for the calls we would normally make but I suppose it should be sorted just incase it is ever needed in an emergency so I would be very grateful if a check can be made to see where the problem lays as once we know for sure that the problem is with the phone then we will get a replacement...


Thank you in advance for any help.

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Re: Landline not working

Hi Dean131,


Thanks for coming by and I'm sorry to hear your Landline isn't working at the moment.


I'll be happy to help check this out for you.


I have carried out a line status check and all looks ok from here at the moment.  As you have not got another handset to test, would it be possible to test your current handset in a different line?


It is important we rule out possible handset issues, as it may be a quick and easy fix if it's the case.  If it is not a handset issue then we will be happy to arrange for an engineer for you Smiley Happy


If you can let me know if whether or not testing your handset in another line has worked out for you that would be great.


You can also run a line status check for yourself via our Service Status Page.  Just go to the 'Phone' section and there will be a link that says 'Run Test'.  It will also allow you to book an engineer online as well which is a handy feature.


If you would like me to arrange the engineer appointment for you that's no problem.  Just give me a shout Smiley Happy


In the meantime, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know about our handy Free SmartCall App.  If you have a smart phone this will allow you to keep in touch and make calls using your Landline minutes instead of using up your mobile credit.  All the details are in the link on how to install and how it may be useful for you.  It will also allow you to call us on 150 free should you need to get in touch.


Please keep me posted on your progress, we're here to help if you need us.  Smiley Happy

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