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Landline Installation

Start off with the summary of the situation - I upgraded my package to include phone and ti-vo; In July.

Engineers came and installed 2 weeks later on the 17th of august. They informed me they couldn't connect the phone as the pole outside was 'Full'.

I received a letter about a week later saying that they couldn't install the telephone line and that they had to wait for planning permission from the council and to expect a wait of about 3-4 weeks.

I've done on-line chats however the first operator said he didn't know the answer; the second one point blank refused to accept the line wasn't installed because the system said the phone service was marked 'Active' (on the installation date) - Which if it was the case I wouldn't have got the letter; so I did a third conversation and this time the operator, after a long time ''Diagnosing'' confirmed that it wasn't installed and I should wait until the service is connected then ring up and get a credit.

What I'm interested in knowing is 

- Am I actually supposed to wait till it has been installed before ringing up for a credit?; or do I do it per month?


I don't want to wait however longer than it is now (5 weeks) and then ring up to find I can only get credit for the last month.


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Re: Landline Installation

There could be 2 possible scenarios here:

1) What they mean is "the local cabinet is at capacity". This is really not what you want to hear. The phone systems VM iinherited were mostly built "on the cheap" & were never designed to be expanded capacity wise. Modern tech in cable systems outside the UK is to go down the VoIP route & do away with POTS telephone systems, so the millions VM would have to spend to correct the situation is not going to happen, & the only option for customers is to wait in a queue until another customer on their cabinet leaves.

2) The drop cable & ducting to your property is damaged, preventing a new cable being pulled. If this is the case, a local authority permit is required to do the work (which some authorities can take up to 3 months to issue). At least with this scenario you have hope of a reasonably quick resolution.

The phone line will show as active on your account. If it did not you would lose the large discount it attracts on your other services. With 1) above I certainly would not accept waiting for the connection to take place before you are credited

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Re: Landline Installation

As per the last paragraph above.

Notwithstanding the red herring of package/bundle issues the bottom line is that VM are happily charging/auditing a customer for a service which they KNOW is not and cannot be provided. It is basically wrong and has to involve false accounting.

This needs sorting in a proper and professional manner without the customer being put in a position of having to chase a refund.



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