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I have no dial tone

I have no landline signal, can't ring as no connection and when I ring using my mobile it says they can't connect to this number or not available, this has happened at this time of year nearly every year with virgin and I've been with you since you started and also about twice a month get problems with my internet connection, when I book an engineer its usually cancelled as its usually a network problem, but it seems to happen a lot so not sure as to why this keeps happening?

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Re: I have no dial tone

Hi there madmarvel, 

I'm really sorry to hear about the issues you've been having with your services, I can see that at the time you made this post we were aware of a telephone issue, which has since been resolved. So I sure hope that you are no longer getting any issues there. 

I don't see any listed issues against your broadband, so it may be best to post the problems that you've been experiencing over on one of our broadband boards so our community can take a look at things for you, and if need be a member of our broadband team can run some more indepth checks. 


For general connection issues click here.


For broadband speed related questions click here.


For issues with Wifi or networking click here.


If you are still experiencing an issue with your phone line, please let me know. 

Many thanks and apologies again. 



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