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Hostile call centre

This last week has been particularly bad for calls from one or more Indian call centres.  When the most recent one asked to speak to my wife I said, she wouldn't take the call and please stop calling.  The guy on the other end said, "No."

So apparently, if we don't agree to do their lifestyle survey, and go onto more call lists, they intend to harass us indefinitely.  I have looked at call blockers but our local medical practice uses an automatic confirmation system for doctors' appointments and this would get blocked too as it is a withheld number.

Here's the thing; I don't know anyone in India and I would be happy never to receive a call from there ever again.  In fact, I'd be content to block all overseas calls.  

Can Virgin do that?  If not I would move to a service provider that would in a heartbeat, I am that sick of these pests!


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Re: Hostile call centre

Hi there FishboneAl,


Really sorry to hear about the bother you've had with these calls.


We can certainly look to get your number changed if you wish, alternatively, we have useful information online regarding how to stop unwanted calls.


You can, of course, chat to the team about this more on 150 free from any Virgin landline or 0345 454 1111 on any other line.  
Alternatively, you can chat to our online team via: [Contact us].


Many thanks,






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