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Home phone not working. Please check line cord. Yet again !!!!

Yet again my home phone isn't working, has been out of action for the past week. I log on to check the services says problem need to book engineer , book engineer on line no availability please phone. Is this a joke !!! I phone today from my mobile (costing me money) the chappy on other end says everything is fine no fault !!! Online just said there was. Working in week so can't wait in for engineer so have to wait another week when I am able to stay in. Phone will probably start working like last time by then. Yes I have had this problem several times . I've only been with you a year and I'm not impressed.  Sort it out virgin. Otherwise I will be looking elsewhere.


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Re: Home phone not working. Please check line cord. Yet again !!!!

Hi there snuggle39, 


I'm really sorry to hear that your phone line is not working again for you, I've done some checking, and can see that there is an issue on your line - however there is no local issue which is what I believe the agent meant when you called in. 


I've looked at the fault report, and can see that you have an appointment booked in, which is a little while off, there are earlier appointments available, but as you state you are not able to make any of these. We can send a technician out if you are not there, it doesn't need to be the account holder, as long as the person is over the age of 18 when the technician calls. If you're able to get a friend or family member to step in, then we offer three different appointment times -  the morning, between 8am and 12pm, the afternoon between 12pm and 4pm, and then the evening between 4pm and 7pm. 


Should you wish for me to take a look at rescheduling this appointment, please send me a private message and I'll get on the case for you. 


Many thanks and apologies once more. 



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