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Engineer didn't turn up / Furious

I have had a problem with the phone in the last three weeks, have had three engineers out, someone was supposed to come to day they never turned up. Initially I called this morning to check that an engineer was due out today as we never had a text confirmation (the engineer that attended yesterday, promised that the problem would be fixed by 12.00 today) When I got hold of customer services they said that the call was closed, they then transferred me to the technical department, I was trying to explain the situation, when the line went dead. I called back but could only get that an engineer was coming out today between 08.00 - 16.00. I phoned several times from my mobile just to verify that an engineer was coming out and the message was that someone was coming out. By 16.00 no one had turned up. I eventually got hold of someone who passed me through to another department, they said we had cancelled the call, why would I cancel the call out, when the phone is not working, and I have had to stay in all day? God knows how much it cost me on my mobile to contact them. I think that someone put the visit on us, just so that we could not ring back. This is an absolute disgrace. Then at about 16.30 we received a message to say the engineer has been cancelled because of a Network problem, why would the man say we had cancelled, they didn't seem to have a log of the chap that came out yesterday. Am I furious? you better believe it. I now have to wait until Tuesday for number 4 engineer to turn up, that is assuming he does and if he can fix the problem. This needs to be investigated, with a reply back to me with a satisfactory outcome. 

Virgin Media's Customer service is going down. I had someone who had Virgin Media installed, they had no end of problems. My response 'Every time I have had a problem it has been fixed with no hassle' My response now ' I best not say'

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Re: Engineer didn't turn up / Furious

HI cheyene


I'm so sorry for the problems you're experiencing recently, I wanted to let you know that I've responded to your other thread regarding this issue, which you can view by clicking [here].


I've requested that this thread is closed so we can keep our conversation in one place, so respond in your other thread and we'll do what we can.


Look forward to hearing from you


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