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Elderly mother with no landline

Hi, my mother has just contacted me in a panic as her landline has stopped working this morning and she has a community alarm attached to it which obviously is now not functioning.


The service status for the number says there are no faults so I tried to run the online diagnostic which comes up as inconclusive and suggests I call Virgin to report a fault.


I did so and after the usual  endless round of 'press this for...' and 'press that for...' I was finally left hanging on listening to interminable music for around 15 minutes. As I am at work I was unable to sustain this for any length of time so had to eventually hang here I am appealing for help and wondering what to do next.

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Re: Elderly mother with no landline

Hi alangalaxy,


Thank you for your post, I'm sorry to hear that your mother's landline isn't working and that you aren't able to get through to our Faults Department to report this.


I'm not able to access your mother's account, so you will need to respond to the private message I will send you requesting further information.


Thank you.

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