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Disgusting customer care

Came home and a  so called Virgin  engineer working on the Green cab next to my house ,

I think installing further up my street .

well guess what? and yes I have no phone line working .

30th March 7pm .

On Mobile phone Hour and a half and  they cannot fix it to April the 4th even though there is  also a of the door wire sticking out of the side jammed in it from working on it earlier .

Question 1 why can't they find what installers had been in my street ?

Question 2 why although not my fault why can't they repair straight away ?

Question 3 why is there no communication between (contractors) Virgin installers lol.

Question 4 And when called Virgin customer care they would not give me their surname , 

just their first name.

Question 5 When i explained to the customer care assistant that there was a cable hanging out the side the green box that could be dangerous to passers by or children he said the engineer on the 4th will check it out , 

now I would of thought a big company like Virgin would be slightly worried about a child being hurt from voltage be it low or what ever they use in the Cabinets or even pulled out by Vandals.


thanks Booboo 1965


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