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Costs, and why don't VM publish them on their own website?

I am getting a lot of... Sales calls from a company trying to sell binary trades. Up to 8 a day despite demanding that they identify their company name (they refuse, unless I agree to become a customer), and demanding they remove me from their calling database (they again refuse and get quite abusive about it).

So I wanted to get a phone that can do call blocking (a service VM doesn't directly offer), but in order to do so, I need to activate Caller ID on my line. However, while this is a service that VM does provide, for some obscure reason, you don't publish the price of this service. You just publish a phone number to call in and "discuss" it.

By "discuss", you inevitably mean "hard sell".

The only data I can find about the cost of this service, is a forum post back in 2015. Its now 2017 and I doubt very much that the price is still the same (£2.95).

So, what is the current price of this service, and why is it not stated on your website, here:

Thanks in advance.

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