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Contacting the leavers team


I have been online for most of today. I have been trying to have live chat to cancel my Virgin services. They have been unavailable all day. When trying live chat with the broadband upgrade team, the tv upgrade team or other add-on services there has been someone available but they will not help me. The leavers team must either be very busy because everyone is leaving or there is no one available

I need to contact them urgently to cancel my subscription. I need to give them 30 days notice. I am unable to call. Please provide a means to contact them.


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Re: Contacting the leavers team

No chance until Monday now.

Retentions hours are 8 till 8 Monday to Friday, & Sat 8 till 6. They are always busy, as calling offshore sales etc is even worse, so they are the chosen point of contact for most things.

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