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Change of ownership and provider

Hello all,

I am moving to an area that doesn't provide VM services, but the co-occupant of my current address wants to keep the same phone number but move to a cheaper provider as she doesn't want all the same services I have.

I have put in a cease request with VM today, but is it possible for the existing landline number to be ported to a new provider, but with a new customer name instead of mine ?

I was under the impression that a "change of ownership" had to take place BEFORE a cease and re-provide takes place. If so, and I transfer my VM account to another person, will they have to take up a new minimum contract before they can port out to another provider ?



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Re: Change of ownership and provider

Hey Dave


Good question, you're correct in assuming a change of ownership would need to happen before the line cease is requested. There's also a minimum contract of 12 months when a transfer of responsibility takes place. 


I hope this helps answer your questionMan Happy


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