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Cant phone 07392 number from VM landlines

I got a new mobile phone yesterday and have since discovered that anyone who tries to phone me from a Virgin Media landline cant get through, they get an automated message saying 'No route found' and then cuts off.  I've had a look on the forum and seen that quite a few people were having this problem last month and that it was something to do with VM not having put new numbers in their system or something? At the end of that forum thread it says the issue had been resolved.  But I'm having the same problem, so I dont know if its the same issue and it hasnt been resolved or something else?  My new phone number starts 07392 and when ever someone tries to phone me from a virgin landline they just get that automated message saying 'no route found', I've tried it from 2 office phones (both VM) and i got the same thing.  But if you phone it from any other landline or network the calls gets through fine!

Its really annoying because i am currently trying to move house and have estate agents etc contacting me regularly and if they are on VM they aren't going be able to get through to me. 

Can anyone help?  Does anyone know if this issue is getting fixed or if there is anything i can do?

I went in to my local VM store and they were completely useless and looked at me like i was crazy and talking rubbish when i explained what was happening. 

Any info or advice would be much appreciated!! Smiley Happy



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Re: Cant phone 07392 number from VM landlines


The fault here lies in the originating network, who have duff "datafill" on their network and need to fix that. Therefore complaints need to be made by the "owners" of the those lines who can't call with a valid number. No doubt their CS will come up with all manner of nonsensical excuses, but ultimately they need to log a fault and that needs to be pushed through.

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