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BT to Virgin Porting error

It's a classic case of BT blaming Virgin Media and vice versa.

Just moved into a new property and had VM installed (phone and broadband). I asked for my number to be ported over from BT which VM said yes. Rang on the 10th December to ask for this to happen. To this date its not happened. When I enquired VM told us they made an error in requesting the number port. Problem is that the BT account is now closed and as such cant port it over.

Only now did I get told that it would take up to nine days to port!! My BT account closed on the 17th and so now way would it have happened. I use this number for my self-employed business and cannot do without it. Virgin Media customer services have been pathetic in dealing with this passing the buck to BT to see if they will reactivate the line. Problem is BT want paying over the odds to do just that. The number is still available.

Meanwhile I am caught in the middle. Due to VM's error, I don't have my existing number and I am losing out on potential work.

I was recommended to take Virgin Media out by a colleague and now regretting why I even bothered.

Any one got any ideas?

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Re: BT to Virgin Porting error

The error most people make is to contact their existing provider & cancel services, instead of passing the whole process to the new provider (which is correct practice under OFCOM rules).

Even if the service has not actually terminated, if there is a pending disconnection this prevents the number from being ported to a new provider.

Retrieving numbers post disconnection is nigh on impossible.

Also you should consider that VM is a residential service with no determined SLA for fault rectification. So should you have problems with the line in future you could be waiting a while for repairs. VM does have a Business arm for those wanting more service backup in case of breakdowns.

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