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Anonymous caller reject

Does anyone know what the  Anonymous caller reject actually stops, does it stop  all calls from withheld numbers, calls from unknown networks and networks that are unable to transmit numbers?

Also do i need to have caller i.d or is this included in the £2.25 a month cost...and if so how much does caller id cost.?

I did get through to virgin earlier who told me about the acr and that it was £2,25 a month but she  wasnt sure what it actually blocked so she wasn't very helpful but i think i got through to the wrong department so it wasnt her fault but if anyone has any info i'd be grateful.


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Re: Anonymous caller reject

Does what it says on the tin. It rejects calls from people who choose to remain anonymous. It will not block calls for any other reason. So you will receive calls from countries outside the UK that don't use CLI (Caller Line Ident), or calls from "spoofed" or fake numbers.

To block the above you need a third party call minder system. There are several that are commercially available.

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