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Advice about what to do about this problem

I live in a block of flats which share a communal balcony, the phone lines for all these flats meet up at a junction box at the end of the row by the stairs. this junction box looks like this:


I'm pretty sure this is where the problem is in our phone line, i'd be surprised if it wasn't!

Now this tricky part is figuring out who is responsible for maintaining this box. I don't know for sure who our neighbors get their services through I'm pretty sure this is originally a BT box.

Our house hold has been without a dial tone for about 2 months because the account is in my mothers name and she has no idea whats what.

So advice please, I'm not sure what I should do!

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Re: Advice about what to do about this problem

Welcome CR41GK19 and thanks for your post.


I'm sorry to hear your phone line isn't working at the moment. I'd certainly like to get this looked into for you.


To be honest I'm not sure who this junction box belongs to as there's nothing identifiable on the box. I've managed to run a few checks on your line however and think it best if we arrange for one of our engineers to come out to the property take look at this issue. If the box is the cause of the issue then our engineer will be able to sort this for you.


I will drop a PM to you shortly (purple envelope top right) so we can discuss this further.


Kind regards 

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