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Adding extra features

Hi all
I recently got virgin broadband and phone.
I now want to add extra calling features, which according to virgins help pages costs 2.25 per single feature or a flat rate of 3.90 for two or more features. According to the help pages I am required to call 150 as I can't add these extras on line.
So, I spoke to a customer services rep, who after checking with his supervisor said its 2.25 for a single feature or 3.90 for two features. When I pointed out the pricing on virgins web pages he said he'd have to speak with his team and would have to get back to me.
This is very frustrating - can any online virgin media reps help to sort this out as I thought it would be very straight forward according to virgins webpages to sort, but it seems the phone reps aren't aware of the pricing structure.
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Adding extra features

Hi traveller9266

Thanks for taking the time to get in touch. It's great to see you joining us on the community Smiley Happy

My apologies there's been some confusion over the options you can have as a customer with us with the call features.

As per our site Phone features information you can choose from 2 or more for £3.90. The list of features we have is:

  • Voicemail Plus.
  • Call Divert.
  • Ring Back When Free
  • QuickDial
  • Call Waiting
  • Three Way Calling
  • Caller Display
  • Premium Number Call Barring
  • Reminder Call.

Whilst it's possible to have all features on your line if you have Voicemail it would take precedence over both Call Divert and Call Waiting, rendering them potentially un-useable as they would never have a chance to ‘kick in’on the phone. If you have Call Divert and Call Waiting, Call Divert takes precedence effectively making Call Waiting redundant.

This is because of the way these features are provisioned on the phone system and the priority they take, that cannot be changed.

Please bear that in mind when choosing your selection. For more info on this you can check our our Phone Features Guide

If you have already arranged the above then that's fantatsic. If not, if you could contact us on 0345 454 1111 or 150 you'll be able to get these requested from our teams. You can also get in touch via Webchat to request this too. Webchat

Please let us know how you get on!

Thanks again.

Forum Team

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