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worst ever customer service

Really stressed out about the dreadful service I received from the  Philippines and Newcastle customer services.  I called on the 26th to order a new phone, I received an email stating I would receive it on the 27th had someone stay in all day to receive it, it didn't arrive. Called Virgin they were not interested asked to speak to line manag er, did they oblige no just hung up on me. For 31/2 hours in total I tried to get it sorted I must have spoken to at least 10 different people all they could do was to hang up.  I have been with Virgin for 15 years and never have I received such bad bad service.  The phone arrived on the 28th IT DIDN'T WORK, BATTERY WOULD NOT CHARGE, now I am absolutely furious I call again and the same problem no one wanted to listen and yes I was stressed and yes I had every right to be because it seems that if they can't resolve an issue they just hang up! Finally a guy in Newcastle takes the time to order another phone and have the broken one picked up at the same time however it couldn't be delivered the next day because the deadline had passed as if that was my fault! So I wait in all Saturday morning until 3pm then I thought sod it! I came home at 4.30pm and guess what a card through my door.  I call to try and arrange I pick it up from YODEL  which as we know is the worst delivery company EVER. I'm told the nearest pick up is Gatwick, Ha, 11/2  hrs drive.  Well, that's it for me I'll be taking my business elsewhere BRANSON is a ratbag  he should be creating more jobs here not sending the work elsewhere.

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Re: worst ever customer service

Agin a post edited by staff but no response, very poor service Virgin

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Re: worst ever customer service



Thank you for coming in and posting it's good to see a new face.


I am very sorry to read about the whole ordeal here, from the start there seems to be unfortunate events occurring and it's certainly snowballed from there. I would like to start with the Yodel delivery, the courier should try and deliver a second time in an addtional attempt before requesting the handset is picked up from the depot, was this the second time as I can see tis was the first in your post?


Regarding the call being so lengthy, I can imagine that must have been a real pain and wonder if since you have posted, have you been able to get the phone, charge it and start using the phone?


Please stay in touch.



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