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wifi buddy

virgin have done the dirty on its customers again.

they have stopped all except virgin sim users from wifi buddy.

they fooled everyone into signing up so they could get the numbers, knowing full well if they advertised it as virgin sim only then nowhere near as many would sign up to it.

best to phone them and tell them to remove your smart box from the hot spots, if enough do it they may change their mnds.

but I doubt it as it hasnt been the same since they sold out 


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Re: wifi buddy

Wi Fi Buddy is separate from the public hotspots created by super-hubs as far as I know

Did not even think the public Wi-Fi from SuperHub was live yet..but I could well be wrong.

<edit> Nice one Ben, couldn't find the link anywheres...



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Re: wifi buddy

WiFi Buddy (and Simple WiFi before it) has always only ever been for Virgin Mobile customers.

Virgin Media WiFi is the update which will extend the service to Virgin Media broadband customers, but this hasn't launched for broadband customers yet - full details as to the current state of the changes are at

Separate access to WiFi on London Underground has been available for both Virgin broadband and Virgin Mobile customers, and this access will be included in the updated Virgin Media WiFi service.

I work for Virgin Media - but all opinions posted here are my own