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where's my phone?

upgraded my phone on Friday 15 May - online and email confirmation said new phone would be delivered on Saturday 16 May. Waited in all day, nothing turned up.  Now Tuesday 19th and no phone. Contacted call centre, the first person hung up, the second had no answer, in desperation hung on for 'manager' who could not help either but wittered on about system problems.  Nobody can tell me when or if the phone will turn up although I'm sure they will apply the new (increased) charges from next week whether I've had the phone or not. I asked to be put through to someone who could give me a PAC code so I could cancel the contract and move to a provider who can provide me with the phone I want, but after waiting for 10 minutes I wasn't prepared to spend even more of my bill on hold to Virgin.  What's going on???

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Re: where's my phone?

Just have a look at my posts in here.

The mobile system is a total mess just now. I've been waiting over a week for a replacement phone, they have told me twice was on route to me. Its not.


Why are virgin mobile allowing sales to go through? This is ridiculous. 


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Re: where's my phone?

I know it is not ideal but I never do anything online with VM. I always go to my nearest shop and deal face to face with people. They are soooo much better at their jobs than anyone online.

Also they have the phones in stock there and then.

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Re: where's my phone?

Hi Lc1,


Welcome to the forums.

I'm really sorry you've had so much trouble with upgrading the phone. I want to look into this for you.


So we can get to the bottom of this, I've sent you a PM detailing the next steps.

You can view this by clicking the red envelope in the top left hand corner.





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