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where is my plan?

I topped up just before the begin of the month PAYG in order to avail of my big text and data so why isn't it there...some last month too..
I'm I missing something???
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Re: where is my plan?

Hi, I think you’ll need to call 789 (free from your mobile) & talk to someone from the “Team” to sort this out for you.
If you tell them your name & account password I’m sure they’ll be able to help.

My wife joined the “Big Talk”, topped up before the end of the month like yourself & it did take a few months before her allowances were automatically applied,
Until then I just had to phone up each month but I always got everything in the end & usually something extra by way of an apology.

Bit of a pain but hayho that’s Virgin for you Smiley Wink

At least they usually get you sorted in the end.

AlexKid :-)

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