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I dont appear to voicemail active on my mobile - what do I need to do

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Re: voicemail

Hi morganwater


Welcome to the community, your voicemail should be automatically set up after you make your first chargeable call. 


No problem if not though, give these steps a try Man Happy :


·          Dial 222 from your mobile and listen to the message until the end.
·          It’s important to press “1” if the automated voice asks you to, otherwise your voicemail service won’t be activated.
·          Keep your phone on for 20 minutes. If you get a text that says PERS, ignore it.
·          After 20 minutes, turn your phone off and on again.
Now your voicemail’s setup!
Then set a voicemail PIN
A PIN will protect your voicemail and lets you pick up your messages from any touch tone phone.
Here's how to set your PIN:
·          Call your voicemail (usually this means holding down the ’1’ key on your phone).
·          Choose option 2 from the first menu (change mailbox features) and follow the instructions from there
Your PIN
·          Must be from 4 to 10 digits
·          Can't be a single digit repeated (like 1111)
·          Can't be an ascending or descending sequence (like 1234 or 7654)
·          Can't be your phone number or part of it
·          Can't be 7890, 2580 or 1210
·          Can't be the same as the previous

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