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virgin sim with iphone 5s

I have an unlocked (ex vodafone) iphone 5s. I have an iphone 4s with a working virgin SIM. I have taken the sim out of the 4, made it a micro sim (one of the multi size sims) and put it in the iphone 5s but it says no sim. The same sim (once put back together) works when put back in the iphone 4s.

Anyone got any ideas?

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Re: virgin sim with iphone 5s

Hi kcc_Awesome Smiley Happy


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Sorry to hear that the 5S isn't registering the sim. There's potentially one of two problems here. The iPhone may not be fully unlocked. Have you used a different sim since the phone was unlocked?


There could potentially be a sim issue too. Give us a call on 789 or 0345 6000 789 and we'll get this looked into for you.




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