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hi all i wanted to put my anger across i am due a upgrade and have been a loyal customer for 4 years i phoned up to upgrade as i was told online i was due one but when i phoned to say id like a new contract i was told NO cos i didn't pass the credit check and was told in no uncertain words tuff you cant have a new contract with us what makes it worse is i need a phone with me at all times for health issues as im disabled  i have all my services with virgin and ive never missed a payment but this makes me feel like going with another provider .

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Re: upgrade

Hi sarahlouise501

Sorry to hear you have had problems with the upgrade

The new agreements Virgin setup are called "freestyle " which 2 separate agreements one for the handset and the other for the airtime (mins texts and data)

The handset agreement is an interest free loan or credit agreement that is taken out over the course of 24 months. As the agreement is a loan agreement then a credit check would have to be ran in line with the FCA guidelines.

These can be found in Virgins service agreement

i also do appreciate that you have been a Virgin customer for a long time , however, loyalty isn't taken into consideration as its your external credit file that would play that part if you could pass for a loan or not

This must be a difficult situation to be in for you . I would recommend you writing to Virgins underwriting team and they can explain why you declined

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Virgin Mobile Staff , However, All opinions are my own

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