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Can anyone help?
Iv had mobile contract now for 24 mts i applied for upgrade (i have 3 phones) 2 due upgrade 1 due in feb. I failed credit check! Lady said she would contact under writer as i have never missed a DD in 24 mnths! And call me in 2 day. No call. So i called again a wk later lady said same again and that she didnt want to run another check. But still no call! I need to ring and just cancel i think but annoyed as i still have 1 that they are quite happy for me to have! Any advice?
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Re: upgrade

Hi jennytaylor1977,


Welcome and thanks for your post and I'm sorry to hear you weren't able to upgrade with us due to a failed credit check. I can appreciate this is frustrating.


It sounds as though when the agent has processed the credit check and it failed the system prompted them to refer your case to our consumer underwriting team. This can sometimes take a little while to process. I'd like to look into this for you so I will send you a private message shortly (purple envelope, top right hand side) to discuss this further.


Kind regards



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